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Increased demand for stakeholder transparency and compliance requirements are putting much more pressure on organizations. SMCE’s audit and assurance service adds credibility to your organisation through an independent and unbiased view. SMCE helps client to know the correct picture so that the right actions can be taken.

SMCE provides a comprehensive review of an organization’s adherence to standards, best practices and regulatory guidelines  (including Governance, Agile, Continuity, Risk, Architecture, Security & Service). Evaluating and monitoring the strength and thoroughness of compliance preparations and the needed processes, policies, controls and procedures.

Our service covers the adoption of various industry, ISO Standards, Global Best Practices and Regulatory Compliance, safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and the operational effectiveness of an organization.

SMCE’s auditors are certified, experienced, specializes within multiple industries, focusing on business value and go far beyond numbers. SMCE’s insightful approach and our expertise in auditing enables us to propose innovative solutions to client problems.

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