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Governance, Risk and Compliance

SMCE’s Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) consulting services helps you comply and put in place the processes you will need to protect your enterprise (customers, markets and shareholders).

a. Risk Assessment

By reviewing our customers existing position against industry standards, we help monitor risk exposure, review/refine performance, and effectively mitigating these risks.

b. Regulations

Today, the internet, data systems, cloud services and other virtual environments are essential to a strong and vibrant economy. Governments, industry regulators and other authorities can support economic growth and encourage investment.

c. Compliance

SMCE help you meet mandatory regulations and standard compliance. We leverage the compliance process as an opportunity to identify an organization’s cyber –threat weaknesses and implement mitigation strategies that will have a real impact.

d. Implementation

To help customers address the increasing complexity of the cyber threat environment, overlaid by varying and evolving national and international standards and regulations, SMCE adopts an industry leading GRC Framework (ie. COBIT).

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