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HR Transformation

A comprehensive HR Transformation methodology focuses on the strategy, processes, governance, organization, capability, and systems that are critical to HR success in this digital era.

SMCE leverages research, analytics, and industry best practices to help customers design and execute their HR transformation journey. Our business value driven HR Transformation services include:

  1. Human Resource Strategy and Structure
  2. HR Policy and Procedure
    • Procedures, Processes and Templates
    • Employee Handbook
  3. Change Management
  4. Next Generation Organizational Culture
    • Agile and innovative teams
    • Happiness and Wellbeing
    • Digital supportive culture
    • Employee Engagement
    • Incentives, Appraisal, Goal Setting & Promotion
  5. Advanced Human Capital Measurement and Analytics
  6. Quality Management System
  7. Onboarding and Boot-camp Programs
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