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Information Assurance

Commercially, the need for information assurance is driven by different factors. Although privacy, confidentiality, integrity and availability are major information assurance considerations for our commercial clients, the bottom line or major impact area is loss of revenue due to data loss or inaccessibility of goods and services. As more companies become digitized, a high level of consumer confidence must be achieved to maintain a trusted relationship while transacting business over a very un-trusted medium.

Given this environment we believe that it is critical to provide a different approach to securing an organization’s networks, systems and information. As such we have developed our Information Assurance Life Cycle Methodology that is more proactive, and cyclic, geared to meeting the increasing and ever-changing threats from external, malicious attackers and internal, disgruntled employees, as well as the rapid advancements in attack methodologies.
Our unique methodology provides the following services:

  • Assessment Services – Provides a detailed evaluation of an organization’s IT infrastructure, both physical and logical, to ensure an accurate understanding of their current security posture.
  • Protection Services – Develops solid architectures, plans, and policies for integrating robust security practices throughout an organization to ensure maximum levels of security and productivity.
  • Validation Services – Follows industry best practices and regulatory guidance, to validate the secure configuration of network and system resources, test and evaluate the operating systems and applications for security compliance, and review and verify existing security policies and business continuity plans. SMCE happens to be experts in international ISO 27001 standard and the local regulatory compliance requirements NESA Information Assurance standards.
  • Training Services – Provides security awareness training and education to all department and management levels within an organization.
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