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Talent Performance Improvement

SMCE’s Talent Performance Improvement services are dynamic and business-aligned focusing on enabling continuous learning and a culture of innovation and excellence.

Our cycle of talent engagement and escalation starts with identifying skill gaps and offering complementing internationally recognized competency frameworks. These offerings are intended to transfer the latest strategies and techniques in addition to equipping participants with robust and science-driven tools that empower organizations to build the kind of dynamic workforce that holds its value even when faced by new challenges.

SMCE Talent Performance Improvement service catalog includes a wide range of offerings:

  1. Talent Capability Management
    a. Competency Framework Development
    b. Competency and Knowledge Assessment
    c. Skill Gap Analysis
    d. Career Planning
    e. Training Needs Analysis
    f. Succession Planning
  2. Leadership Strategies
  3. Interpersonal & Organizational Communication

SMCE provides world-class competency and skill assessment frameworks including SFIA (Skills For the Information Age) to identify skill gaps within your organization.  These frameworks fit in with your way of doing things. They do not define organisational structures, roles or jobs; they provide clear descriptions of skills and levels of responsibility. The structure of the framework make it a flexible resource which can be adopted and adapted to work in a range of HR systems and people management .

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